Tool steel
Cold work tool steel  Hot work tool steel  High-speed steel  Steel for plastic molds
Steel type Equivalent JIS steel Hardening and annealing hardness Features Application example
K3M SKS93 58 to 63HRC Carbon-tool steel Press dies, blades, gauges
KS3 SKS3 58 to 63HRC General-purpose cold- tool steel Press dies, blades, gauges
FH5 @ 55 to 61HRC Flame-hardened steel Press dies
KRCX @ 50 to 60HRC Highly machinable general-purpose
cold- tool steel
Flame-hardened steel
Metallic molds, mold parts, jigs,
RC55 @ 54 to 56HRC Highly machinable pre-hardened steel Press-dies
KD11 SKD11 58 to 61HRC General-purpose cold- tool steel Press-dies, rolls, gauges
KD11S 58 to 61HRC Highly machinable general-purpose
cold- tool steel
Flame-hardened steel
Press-dies, rolls, gauges
KD12 SKD12 58 to 61HRC High-tenacity cold-tool steel Molds for plastic, blades
KD31 @ 56 to 61HRC Impact-resistant high-grade
cold-tool steel
KPS6 58 to 60HRC Corrosion-proof, wear-proof
cold-tool steel
Resin forming machine parts

KD11S The KD11S with remarkably improved machinability by proper carbide form control without deteriorating the basic performances of the SKD11 will comply with usersÕ expectations.
RC55 "If we can only engrave molds as hard as HRC55 directly!" Koshuha complies with such a customerÕs dream. The RC55 is new pre-hardened steel that enables steel as hard as HRC55 to be machined efficiently at low cost without the need of special cutting tools. It requires no thermal processing and offers improved mold precision and reduces the manufacturing time.
KRCX The KRCX is multi-purpose cold-tool steel that remarkably improves the machinability, tenacity, and hardening performance and may be hardened in the same conditions as the SKD11 and SKS3. It also demonstrates superior performance as flame-hardened steel with high tenacity and high machinability.
kps6 The KPS6 is high-tenacity tool-steel with improved corrosion resistance and wear-resistance suitable to the screws for plastic-forming machines.
œPositions of cold-tool steel characteristics
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