Tool steel
KD11SRC55KRCXKPS6 Cold work tool steel
The KD11S is a new type of steel for cold-tool steel that has the same basic functions of the SKD11 and features remarkably improved machinability.
Features of KD11S

1.Cost reduction@œRationalizes the manufacturing processes.@œReduces the machining time
2.Thermal processing@œUnchanged thermal processing.@œSame-aged deterioration.
3.Mold life@œSatisfactory mold live.@œImproved mold quality.

Outstanding machinability

œCan prolong the service life of the tool and improve the machining efficiency.
œBeautiful finished cut surface.
œCapable of cutting after thermal processing.

Same thermal processing conditions as SKD11.

œStack-thermal processing with the SKD11 is enabled.
œSame dimensional variation after thermal processing is the same as the SKD11.
œAged-deterioration and surface treatment are equivalent to the SKD11.

Equivalent or superior mechanical characteristics

œFatigue characteristics superior to the SKD11
œTenacity and wear-resistance superior to the SKD11

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