Tool steel
KD11SRC55KRCXKPS6 Cold work tool steel
As high hardness as 55 HRC exploding common knowledge about die-machining achieves outstanding machinability similar to the traditional machining before thermal processing.
Features of RC55

1.Reduces the mold manufacturing costs.@Improves cutting and grinding efficiency.@Requires no thermal processing costs.
2.Reduces the period of delivery.@Requires no thermal processing costs.@Direct machining remarkably reduces the manufacturing time.
3.Easy repair and correction@Easy repair by welding@Enables flame hardening (64 HRC max.)@Reduced deformation and distortion due to flame hardening
4.Good tenacity and wear-resistance@Equivalent or superior to the existing flame-hardened steel and SKS3.@May reduce initial chipping.

Applications @ Position of RC55
Cold-press dies
Cold-bending molds
End mill
The RC55 has much better machinability for high hardness than the SKS3.
End mill(High speed machining)
The RC55 has better maイ8chinability than the annealed SKD11.

Roughing-end mill
The RC55 is also applicable to rough machining with roughing-end mills.

Front milling machine
Appropriate machining conditions allow cost reduction.

The number of drilled holes greatly differs with the machining conditions. It is important to properly select the conditions.

The RC55 also allows tapping, which is hardly done at high hardness.

Machinability Build-up welding characteristics
The RC55 has a remarkably superior machinability to the SKS3.
@ The RC55 allows build-up welding in the same welding conditions as the flame- hardened steel.
Flame hardening characteristics Surface treatment characteristics
The RC55 features the flame hardening characteristics equivalent or superior to the flame-hardened steel.
@ The RC55 is applicable to TD processing in the same conditions as the SKS3.
Micro-structure after TD VC processing

Tenacity Surface treatment characteristics
The RC55 has good tenacity and can reduce initial chipping of metallic molds.
@ The RC55 has equivalent wear-resistance to the SKS3 and flame-hardened steel.
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