Tool steel
KDA1KDA1SKDANMAX Hot work tool steel
The KDA1 is a general-purpose hot-tool steel with a higher strength at high temperature and tenacity than the general-purpose hot-tool steel KDS (equivalent to SKD61).
Features of KDA1

1.Superior heat-check resistance
œHard to crack in comparison with the SKD61, and has a finer structure.@œHas superior heat-check resistance equivalent to the KDA1S and offers longer service life.
2.Superior tenacity@œ80% or more higher tenacity than the SKD61 (in the T direction).@œGood tenacity equivalent to the KDA1S.
3.Superior heat-softening resistance@œTwice as high heat-softening resistance as the SKD61 maintains high hardness for a long time.

Applications @ Position of KDA1 @ Heat-check resistance
œTools for hot projection
œHot forging dies
@ @
Thermal processing characteristics
Melting-loss resistance Heat-softening resistance
The KDA1 features superior melting-loss resistance to the SKD61, which is remarkably improved by surface treatment.
@ The KDA1 features superior heat-softening resistance to the SKD61.
Strength and tenacity
The KDA1 features superior tenacity to the SKD61. @
Physical properties
The KDA1 has smaller thermal expansion than the SKD61.
Lower thermal conductivity than the SKD61 yields less temperature gradient.

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