President Message

Meeting Complex Needs and Earning Trust

The Nippon Koshuha Steel Group has a long history in Japan as a leader in the business of specialized steels, and has worked hard to stay ahead of the competition through the development of new products and technologies. Group companies possess expertise in a broad spectrum of industrial production that includes tool steel, special alloys, bearing steel, castings, metal molds and tools, and distribution, all of which enjoy high customer acclaim.
It goes without saying that upholding the overall strength of a Group such as this takes both passion - a passion for our business, passed on through the generations - and the combined input of each of our employees.
In order to continue meeting the ever more sophisticated needs of customers amid changes in the economic environment, the Nippon Koshuha Steel Group concentrates its resources in selected fields. Through an ongoing shift to higher value-added product areas, we will further boost our technical competitiveness while continuing to strengthen our corporate position.
Specialized steel products are fundamental to so many industries, and our role as a major supplier is likely to grow even more important in the future. Our approach will always be focused on working in harmony, and developing together with individuals, communities and the global environment. Through our wide-ranging business operations, we at the Nippon Koshuha Steel Group aspire to play our part as good corporate citizens and retain the trust of society at large.

Daisuke Ogura
President,Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd.

Management Principle:
To contribute to the building of an affluent society
where lifestyles are harmonized with the environment,
by supplying products with wide appeal.

Core Values of KOBELCO

1.We provide technologies, products and services that win the trust and confidence of our customers we serve and the society in which we live.

2.We value each employee and support his and her growth on an individual basis, while creating a cooperative and harmonious environment.

3.Through continuous and innovative changes, we create new values for the society of which we are a member.

Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women

1.Heightened Sense of Ethics and Professionalism

2.Contribution to the Society by Providing Superior Products and Services Quality Charter

3.Establishing a Comfortable but Challenging Work Environment

4.Living in Harmony with Local Community

5.Contribution to a Sustainable Environment

6.Respect for Each Stakeholder

Quality Charter

The KOBELCO Group will comply with all laws, public standards, and customer specifications, and make continuous efforts to improve quality, with the goal of providing Trusted Quality in our products and services.

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